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I was so touched by his concern that all I could do was shake my head. The pain had gone now and the last thing I wanted was for him to pull out of me. Also I didn't want him to feel self conscious about the size of his cock.

I moved my arms to let his legs down, but he kept holding them up, continuing his chant. I whispered, "Ok, baby, you can put your legs down," but he just continued rolling his head and chanting "daddy...daddy.." I pulled my softening sausage out of his hole, I watched as the sperm drained out of his gaping hole like a river, pooling on the towel. My cock was wet and wrinkled as it hung lifelessly from my pelvis. I hadn't cum like that in a long time, I pulled his legs down and crossed his arms over his chest. He wasn't chanting anymore but his head was still slowly lolling back and forth, he was really out of it. I slowly got out of bed and went over to turn the light switch off. The bedside lamp was still on when I crawled back into bed. He had curled up into a fetal position on the towel, his gaping hole still open and leaking. I turned the lamp off and snuggled up to his back covering us both up. I put my arm over him and kissed his cheek, "I love you baby, thank you," I whispered into his ear, he was softly snoring, already fast asleep.
Anyway, I went to my room. I was just going to play some music and maybe read. Candie was there. Mommy and daddy didn't let her go out on dates. She was only 11 years old. She had her earphones on and didn't see or hear me come into the room. It was only about 8 o'clock, but she was already in her pajamas. She wore Baby Dolls like me. All us girls like Baby Doll pajamas. She was lying on her bed and her knees were bent and spread wide apart. Her hand was through one of the leg holes and I could see her fingering her pussy. She was still bald there and she looked so beautiful. She had long blonde hair like mine, and she was just starting to develop her breasts. I crept up to her and quickly put one hand on her breast and the other over her hand that was in her pussy. She jumped and screamed, then when she realized it was me, she started to laugh and soon we were both laughing.

"Ok, will do, see you in a little while." Frank said hitting the end button.
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"Me and Alex would kill each other. I am just keeping him around so when I meet the right girl and get married I've got a sperm donor close by." Jo snickered. "What about you, got any guys lined up since you got home?"

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He nodded slowly as he enjoyed the attention I was giving to his neck and hole, he whispered, "Will you use lots of slippery stuff, daddy?"
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"What." Alex said feeling a little stunned.
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"Have it your way, Faith. But it surely wouldn't hurt to try. Just imagine if the elevator was always there to take you up and down, up and down, your very own vertical chariot. But there would be a price to pay - you probably couldn't or wouldn't want to pay it."

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"Okay." Alex nodded.
He went to grab his bags, but stopped as he heard a noise coming from upstairs. He looked up to see his sister Abigail bounding down the stairs.

She loved him, and always knew he loved her back. He'd tease her, but never in a mean way; he was invariably fun to be with. Whenever she was sad, Dad was good for a hug or a smile. Next thing she knew, she'd be feeling better.

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"You want me to show you how good I am at sucking dick li'l bro?" Nicky teased, she could see Alex was a little hesitant.
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"Just think about it before you say yes or no." Nicky smiled.

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"Sure." Alex said.
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Despair flooded little Faith's body and still she held the wretched long, hard cock in her hands. Her hands looked so tiny around the monster. But Faith pulled herself together. She grabbed every bit of her willpower, channeling it all into her hands and she let it go! But her hands were still wrapped around the throbbing piece of meat. Nooooooooo!

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"Well, I guess we should leave you two alone," Bobby said. "We just came in to tell you that we made some breakfast, if you are interested. You can't live on cum alone, you know."

Lionel didn't stop his steady penetration of her. He couldn't have even if he wanted to. He heard her crazed pleadings to stop but ignored them. Her cunt just felt so hot and wet and so good on his cock that he just carried on fucking her. Besides he was almost ready to ejaculate his large wad of life giving sperm into her. Nothing mattered but that.

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To Faith's horror, the older man faced her and quickly opened his belt and the top button of his slacks. The little girl took a startled step backwards, but the man stepped forward even as he unzipped his fly. Faith backed into the corner of the elevator and had nowhere to go. Since her blouse was now on the floor, the wall was cold on her bare back and shoulders.

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With his knees on his chest and his feet in the air his hole pointing toward the ceiling, I started pouring it to him hard and fast.
"Ok, buddy lets go, I have a surprise for you." I told him heading for the door.
His head was still turned toward the ceiling and his mouth was open. He moaned "Unngghh" as he nodded his head yes.

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"I know," she said. "I was happy you chose a college not far from here and not across the country. But still, you'll have college and all that goes with that."

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"Yeah, you are a little outnumbered." Nicky said with a small laugh as her boobs jiggled lightly. He felt his fingers brush along the outside of her boobs.

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I could feel her wetness as my cock slowly edged its way up the passage from the opening of her body between her legs. She was wet. And, she was tight. The muscles in her vaginal walls gripped and placed erotic pleasure on my cock as it pushed upwards. Her muscles twitched, contracted and then relaxed allowing my cock to move deeper into her body. Then, I felt my balls nestle between her ass cheeks and rest against her skin. My cock was all the way in. Inside her she was also hot and my cock could feel the heat as I held still, experiencing the feeling of being deep inside her where it was wet, tight and warm.
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Now Mindy was opening the front of her dress and exposing her nicely-packed bra to the boys. Roy and Eddie were kneeling beside her, holding their squirming mother down by her shoulders. Joan couldn't see their faces, but she could hear their harsh excited breathing as Mindy eased the dress off her arms and shoulders, stripping her to the waist except for her bra.

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"Suck it, Mom," he pleaded softly. "I can't wait any longer!"

"Yeah sure." Alex nodded. As she turned he got a flash of her light brown areola from the open robe. She led him into his mom's room. He smiled at his mom who was at her dresser getting a change of clothes, no doubt about to hop in the shower after her run. Though he could tell his cousin Joanna was in there right now from the sound of the running water. His mind couldn't help but picture Joanna and Nicolette in the shower together. Jo face buried in her cousin's pregnant pussy.
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Just as they felt their bodies melt into each other they heard a car coming up the road. He quickly ushered her naked form into the woods to hide from the intruder's eyes. The mail man slowly made his way up the road and stopped next to the front walk. He got out and placed several pieces of mail in the box and a few packages on the front porch then glanced over at the entrance to the woods where the lovers where hiding behind a larger tree. He stood covering her luscious, naked, curvy body from any prying eyes and was struck with a wonderfully naughty idea. "Seeing you here like this makes me want to see you frolicking naked throughout the woods. I can watch you secretively then chase you down like the big bad wolf I am and have my wicked way with my little wood nymph. Would you like playing this fun little game with daddy baby girl?"

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The price of Faith's lift ride stopped climbing when it hit $100. By then she'd gotten so good at her new job that she could raise the money in forty five minutes or so - unless she was stuck for a longer time on some dog's cock. The Rottweiler Clint Fitser had purchased had a particularly large knot and servicing him could require going all the way up and all the way down in the elevator, time that Mr. Fitser always put to good use.

I started to suck on her clit and at the same time flip it with my tongue. I had also slipped two fingers into her. Candie was ready to cum. There was no mistaking that. She had now thrown her legs around my neck and was squeezing me hard. I found it difficult to breathe, but managed. She was pulling my hair and her whole body was shaking. She started to spasm. Her juices were flowing profusely. Suddenly she tried to talk, but could really only pant. "Ohhhh, G-God, C-C-Carol. I-I'm c-c-cuuummmmming. Oh God. OH, GOD. SUCKKKK, ME. I'MMMM C-C-CUUUMMMMMING. OH, GOD."

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"What, you think only guys like porn?" She teased as she hopped up and walked over to the door locking it before going over to the television.
By the time I got through the back door she was standing in front of the sink, looking out the window over the yard. I took the empty bottle she had left on the bench and placed it and the one I had carried in into the recycling container.

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"Thanks." Nicky smiled.
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"Come in." Alex said.

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"OH, FRANK!" she said throwing her arms around me, "You are so sweet, I love you so much." She said hugging me tight.
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Jeff handed the belt to Brian who started bringing the belt down across his back as hard as he could, Parker trying to scream with every blow. After covering his back, he started beating his butt. After beating his ass, he walked behind him looking at his crack, his asshole exposed by the spread legs. He saw his bag swinging below his asshole, his big balls clearly visible in his loose, hanging sack. He brought the belt up and came down hard on his crack catching his balls with the end of the belt. Parker lifted his head and tried to scream through his taped mouth, at the same time piss began to spray from his dangling cock. Parker was moaning in pain, his head twisting back and forth, his back and butt were totally covered with welts that were already starting to turn black. Parker was sobbing and moaning behind the tape, tears streaming down his face. Jeff walked up to him and looked in his face, "You ready to sign now?" Parker looked at him and nodded his head, willing to sign the paper.

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I picked him up by the thumb in his ass and turned him on his side in my lap. I could hear his guts rumbling stirring up the shit in his bowels and there was more pressure on my thumb.

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"Oh baby, I love you too." She said hugging him back.
"I'm gonna go inside for a minute to get us something to drink and some towels for you. I really don't want to leave you in the water alone, would you come out of the pool for a few minutes while I am inside?" She asked him.
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"I never said that." Jo smiled and shook her head.

I looked up at Lionel and I could see that he was smiling at me. He grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up so that we could kiss.

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She headed upstairs but stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Aunt Liz in a pair of skin tight spandex pants and a tank top shirt, taut around her huge fucking tits. Jo's eyes went right for her nipples. She wanted so badly to suck on them.
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She was so beautiful and had such a lovely figure that all the guys were falling over her. She was a cheer leader at our school, and she could have the pick of any guy she wanted, and that included the teachers too. Don't get me wrong. I don't think she ever let any of the teachers fuck her. I just noticed the looks some of them gave her as she walked down the halls. I could also see that some of the female teachers looked interested too.

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His cock head seemed too big for her, but she went on pushing, till finally the huge purple knob popped into her mouth. Ben groaned, and Mindy panted through her flared nostrils. She drew in her cheeks and started sucking on her Dad's huge throbbing cockhead, fisting and pumping the rest of the thick blue-veined shaft, with both hands. Ben's eyes rolled crazily as he got his very first blow job. The fact that the hot little mouth sucking on his prick belonged to his sexy young daughter only seemed to make the wonderful experience all that more exciting!

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They left after getting their instructions, as they got in their pickup, they talked about what they were going to do. They found a large empty box on the way, and threw it into the back of the truck. They stopped at their house and got some rope and duct tape; they also grabbed some chloroform and a rag. They got back in their truck and headed over to the address. They pulled into the driveway and got out, they stood there looking around. The neighborhood was old and run down, several of the lawns needed mowing, including this one. They saw the boy's bicycle in the front yard, they thought about putting it in the back of the truck now, but decided to talk to this prick first. They walked to the front door together, Jeff knocked on the door, they waited but got no answer. It was 11:00 am, they didn't think he would be sleeping, Jeff knocked again only louder.
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"Yes baby," I said crouching down to look at him eye level, "Mr.. Bob has had your father sign a paper that lets me adopt you, I will really be your daddy and you will really be my son." I told him.
"Well Billy, sometimes when you get spanked it might seem like your dad is being mean to you, but I'm sure he loves you and just wants you to be a good boy. Why don't you undress as the tub fills up?"
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"Daddy's watching us" he said softly.
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"Well, of course I'll come over tomorrow, what time do you want me there?"
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We talked for about an hour. Sandie started to cry again when she thought about refusing to go out with Lionel because he was dying. I don't know, but I think she regretted her decision. She didn't say anything directly. I just got that feeling. She couldn't stop talking about the size of his cock. She teasingly called me a liar. She insinuated that I was exaggerating the size to make her feel bad. She knew I was telling the truth because she had seen how stretched open my cunt lips were. Only a good size cock or maybe a dildo could do that. We didn't have a dildo that size.

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We were both lost in erotic and sexual pleasure, me with my fingers exploring her cunt and her with her panty clad ass teasing the base of my cock.

I picked him up and he put his arms around my neck and laid his head on my shoulder. I decided to let him sleep in his own bed tonight so he might get used to it. I pulled back the covers and put him into his bed, he was already asleep again as I laid his head on the pillow. I covered him up and kissed him goodnight on his cheek, I turned off his light, since I didn't know whether he needed a nightlight or not, I partially closed his door and left the hall light on. I went around the house locking doors and turning off lights. I sat down on the couch and turned the TV on and watched the tail end of a movie for about an hour and decided to go to bed. I looked in on my boy on my way to bed, he had rolled over from where I had laid him and was now facing the other way in the middle of the bed, his arm on top of the covers. I pulled the door halfway and went to my room. I went to my bathroom, pissed and crawled into bed, turning off the bedside lamp, and went to sleep.
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Sara looked at her son with a sly smile and said, "You know honey there is a way we can give each other pleasure at the same time. It's called the 69 position. I would suck your cock while you use your fantastic tongue on my clit. To tell you the truth. I have never tried this position before. Jack, you would be my first."

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"Ohhhh yes Lionel. Yes! I'm c-c-cumming! Ohhhh God! Suck me Lionel. Shit. Ohhhh shit! Never stop. Never stop! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! OHH GODD YESSSS!" I literally yelled that. Everyone heard me, but I didn't care.

"Terribly sorry about the lift, miss," an unexpected voice said.

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"Unnnhhh, God! Unnnhhhgghhh, shit! I'm cummmmiiinnng... OHHHHHHHH, FUUUUUUUCK!!" screamed Mindy.

Eddie had a big happy grin on his face, not a trace of guilt, as he fondled his mother's hot silky-skinned tits. Joan could tell by the hot pressure of the hands on her shoulders that Mindy and Roy were getting very excited as they watched him. Joan herself was too excited for her own good. She had to admit it felt wonderful to have her sensitive tits squeezed and caressed.

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She sat up quickly covering her breasts while pretending to be startled. "N-no, I was just resting here in the sun sir wolf, but I'll just be moving on so I don't disturb you." playing the role of a timid nymph to his wolf.
"You used to hose me when I was younger," I replied. "I remember that. Also, running under the sprinkler."

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"Hey Nicky." She heard a knock at the door; it was her brother's voice.
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Her breath beneath me began to quicken as the inside of her cunt became tighter and tighter. I was fast approaching my climax. However, I wanted to slow down a bit to prolong the ecstasy.
"No." Alex said shaking his head; he had never gotten past third base with a girl.
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"All done." Jo said rubbing away the excess shaving cream from her cousin's pussy.
He began to piston his cock hard and fast into Mindy's juice-slick little fuck hole with the same long, deep rhythm he'd seen Eddie using when he spied through the keyhole. His sister responded with wails and gurgles of pleasure, and her cunt clasped at his prick like a gently-sucking mouth, lubricating his thickly-penetrating shaft with frequent spurts of hot, oily cunt-cream. Roy's grin got even wider. He was fucking his sexy big sister, and she was loving every second of it!!

"Well, what do you think, Sandie? Did I get fucked of not?" I asked her while almost dying of laughter.

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"This one right here." Nicky said as she smiled. She stood on her tip toes, her arms above her head causing the robe she wore to rise up and show the bottom of her nice ass. If she was wearing panties they sure as hell didn't cover the back. She looked back and grinned as she caught him looking at her ass but didn't say anything.
"Good thing I am not Abbey." Jo twirled the razor between her slender fingers like she often did her pencils and pens.
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Jeff said, "We need you to sign this paper Mr.. Parker."
They both walked into the kitchen where Billy put his glass in the sink. Lindsey opened the refrigerator door and looked around for something to make for lunch. Billy watched her sway her butt back and forth while she was bent over looking. He got behind her where he could see better and looked at her puckered hole and the open folds of her pussy right below it. He could see her big clit sticking down and her cunt hole that still looked like it was open. She looked back at him and said, "Well, baby, I don't......are you having a nice look baby boy?" she asked catching him looking at her pussy.
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My mom leaned back move into me, still rubbing my cock with her ass and her back pressed against my chest. It must have continued for about five minutes of pure bliss and I fondled and tweaked her nipples, pulling the hard knobs. While I did this, she excited my hard cock. Nothing was said between us as we both enjoyed what the other was doing.
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"Yeah." Jo smiled as she put her clothes down on the counter and watched Nicky struggle a little trying to work around her bulging pregnant belly and swollen tits. "Need a hand there?"

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"Stroke it Sweetie, stroke that cock." Nicky sighed deeply licking her lips. "I wanna see you cum sugar. I want you to fill my panties with your hot load. Faster, Stroke that big damn cock." She panted, breathing heavily as worked her pussy, thrusting her hips, her ass moving up and down. "That's it come for me brother."

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"Well Billy, my name is Frank. What were you doing hiding in my car?" I asked him.
Bobbie said that he had to study so we left. How that guy could study after what we just put him through is beyond me. I couldn't think of anything else, never mind trying to study. We were still naked as we went back to check on Candie. She smiled as she saw our naked bodies. We told her what Bobbie did to us and she thought that was cool. We got her out of the tub and dried her off. Then Sandie and I stepped into the tub and cleaned Bobbie's cum off our bums and back. We walked Candie back to our room.

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"Mmmmmm, uunmmmm," she moaned.

"Go for it, Eddie! Fuck her," she urged.

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Jack enjoyed the hugging and hearing her use the word "love". The only problem was that his cock was beginning to stir. So he decided to break off the embrace and told his mom, "You are beautiful and you have a hot body. Any man would want you."

His sister had gotten the best of both families, she was tall with long legs like Jo but she had a shapelier figure and had gotten her tits from mom's side. She had worked as a Hooters girl during high school, a job to which she was over qualified and made a few of the girls she worked with jealous. Before she had gotten pregnant she could have easily have been a swimsuit model with her long hourglass figure. Now she could still easily be one for maternity wear. What little extra weight she might have put on looked good on her.

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The 'mee' was muffled as he shoved his mouth against mine and his tongue as far as he could into my mouth. He put his hands on the side of my head pulling me into him grinding his mouth against mine, whining into my mouth like he was desperate for my love. I knew he was so horny right now, that he probably was desperate for a good cum. He was pumping his cock into my belly, moaning a loud 'Mmhhmm..." with each shove.
"Yeah, I showed up just before that." I said. I stood there talking and watching them until they rinsed off and got out of the bathtub. She grabbed a towel and started drying Billy, leaning over with her tits hanging down and swinging. When she was done with him, she slapped his butt and told him to get out and started drying herself. "Are you going to let me watch you fuck him tonight?" she asked as she bounced her tits in the towel, drying them off.
I reached up now and pulled Brad's head down to mine so that I could kiss him again. We kissed long and hard and passionately. I wanted Brad so badly now. I let go of him and soon had him completely naked. I don't know if I told you before, but Brad has one of the most beautiful bodies that you ever saw. He was around eleven years old at this time. Not only was he fairly well endowed in the penis area, (for someone his age, anyway), but also his ass was to die for.

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"Ahhhhhhh, shit, aaaggghhhhh!" Roy bellowed, filling his sister's hot, sucking mouth with a belly-load of sperm.

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The poor guy. He sounded so scared and so confused. I know that he wanted that more than anything in the whole world and when it is now offered to him, he couldn't believe it. I felt so sorry for him that tears started to form in my eyes and run down my cheeks. "Yes Lionel, I really do. I'm not kidding you. I want you to fuck me." I looked into his eyes as I said that and he could see I was serious. He also saw the tears running down my cheeks and he wiped them away with his fingers.

Bobby was now kneeling beside her. He kissed his sister again lightly, while offering her words of encouragement. "That's it, baby, you're doing good. Take a deep breath and relax. You can do it, Candie, you can do it. Push down harder now. Come on. Push."

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Wow. What a story. Bobby was in the room with us and agreed with everything and also gave his comments on some things. He told us how proud he was of our baby sister.

"AHHHHHHHH......UNNNNNGGGGGG.......I'M CUMINNNGGGGG.....EEEEEEE....." Billy screamed and doubled up as his orgasm hit like a sledgehammer. He screamed and jerked, it looked like he was having a seizure. His asshole felt like it was going to cut my cock off. I had never seen a little boy, or man for that matter, cum this hard, I was slamming him hard during his cum and Lindsey's mouth was working hard when suddenly he flopped hard and passed out.
He growled against her tightest of fuck-holes and the vibrations went straight to her clit making her cunny cream drip even more. He suddenly plunged two fingers into her pussy to get them covered in her sweet cream. In one swift move he replaced his tongue with his slippery wet fingers, pushing them knuckle-deep into her ass and covering her quivery cunt-hole with his mouth. He knew he could get her to squirt and he wanted, no, he needed to drink her essence straight from the source. "Daddy! OH FUUUUCK!" Her orgasm came quickly as she felt his fingers teasing her sweet spot through her rosebud asshole.

That did it for me, I barely had time to realize I was going to cum before my hard shaft started squirting thick white sperm in his hole. I continued to fuck him hard and fast as my juice flew out of my cock. "HERE...BABY..HERE...BABY..AHHH...OHHH...FUCK....BABY....BOY....OHHHH....DADDY....LOVES....YOUR...HOLE....OHHHH.......AHHHHHHH........" I was yelling as each spurt of cum felt like it was being pulled out of my soul.
When she finally finished pissing she wiped herself getting a little excited as her hand brushed her clit which was a little aroused from sitting there thinking about Alex's cock. She stood up and flushed the toilet and headed back out into the bedroom find Alex tucking mom into bed.

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Jack and Sara smiled at their son who had been created by an act of love and incest. Jack's only wish was that their next baby would be a girl so that his son might someday enjoy an incestuous relationship with a little sister.

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Suddenly she wrapped her arms around Bobby's waist and looking up at him, she spoke softly, her voice somewhat shaky. "Bobby, I couldn't get that in me. It's a way too big."

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Candy sat up straight and smiled. "I really like his cock, Carol." She almost whispered that last remark and her face immediately turned red. I giggled and held my hand over my mouth. Candy started to giggle too.

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"I know you do honey, but daddy can't cum as often as you do, so I want to save it to go in your hole, wouldn't you like that?" I asked.
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"Ok, daddy." He yelled as he paddled across the pool.
"We'll just see about that, Daddy," Mindy said with a wicked grin.

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Lionel laid right on top of me. I spread my legs wide apart to accept him and I raised my knees to my chest. He tried to find my cunt hole with his cock, but was having trouble. You girls know what I mean. I told him to lean up a bit and I grabbed his cock and guided it to my cunt opening as he held both my legs up and apart. I remember praying to God that it would fit inside me without too much pain.

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Eight months later, Jack was awaked by a very pregnant Sara, "Jack we need to go to the hospital. I think the baby is ready to come out."

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"You monster," she said, smiling.

"Hey Bob, I wasn't sure if you were still at the office or on your way home, that's why I called your cellphone. I have the info you needed."
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"I'll say." Alex nodded.
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I grabbed a washcloth and wet it and washed his dirty face, he closed his eyes and turned his face up to me while I washed, he had a contented smile on his face.
Brian came around and untied the rope from the table leg, releasing his right arm, leaving the rope tied around his wrist. Parker raised his head and looked at Brian, Jeff put a pen in his hand and spread the papers on the table where he could see them. He was still sobbing in pain, Jeff pointed to where he was supposed to sign, "Sign right here." He said. Parker slowly signed his name with a shaking hand, then dropped the pen on the table and layed his head down.
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Lionel and I told everyone that we were in love. There were a lot of tears amongst us girls. This would normally have been a happy occasion, but we all knew that Lionel was not going to be around much longer and that made it sad. Bobby hugged me tightly and gave me a big kiss and wished us well. Everyone else did the same.

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"What did you have in mind?" I asked coyly.

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He never for a second slackened his pace. Neither did he hasten it. He was determined to make her have more orgasms before they parted, forever. He wanted Candie to remember this night to her dying day.

"No not at all, I am kind of used to it by now." He grinned. "Though Jo might feel a little out of place." Alex grinned. Though her breast where about a nice handful each she may as well have been flat chested sitting between his mom and sister. Jo smirked at him and flipped him the bird.
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"I kind of miss that part of not being pregnant. He used to massage my back all the time." Mom playfully pouted at him.
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"Are you sure?" Bobby asked her. "No one will blame you if you want to change your mind."

"Yess...baby, cum in mommy..I can feel your little cock throbbing baby, cum in mommy, baby cum in mommy." She moaned as she moved her finger to her clit to finish herself off. "Oh.. baby..mommy's cumming baby...yesss...mommy's..cummimg...uhhh..." she moaned as her cunt contracted around his boy meat. She held him against her keeping his meat inside her hole as long as possible. "Mmmmm...sweet baby boy, yesss...mmmm.." she whispered as she stroked her little lover floating along on the aftermath of her cum. Billy was also floating from his cum and moaning 'mmmmmm..' They held each other for about 5 minutes.
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She asked Jack, "Would you be willing to go through the marriage ceremony with me tomorrow?"

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I wrapped my arms around her and opened the letter behind her back, and started reading. It was pretty short, it was from her apartment complex, basically telling her they were canceling her lease and she had 30 days to move out. "What's this all about?" I asked surprised. She pulled back from me and I could see the tears in her eyes.
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"I told you to fuck off!" Parker said.
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"What are you going to do with him?" she asked when I finished telling her what happened.
That was just what Joan was trying to avoid. She was afraid that if she let herself go, she'd reveal just how turned on and excited she was. She mustn't ever let her children know that their wicked games had aroused her. She struggled to keep her face grim and her body stiff as Eddie blissfully fondled her big creamy tits. It wasn't easy, though. She'd always wanted to have her tits squeezed and pinched like this, ever since she and Ben were courting.

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"Did he really?" I asked in a surprised tone. I was really happy to hear that.

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"No not at all." Alex shrugged knowing she would be glad to see Candy and Kitty as well. Jo and Candy had always been friendly to each other but had grown even closer since he and Candy had dated. Kitty her Ex and her had managed to patch things up since Kitty had become best friends with Jo's Sister Isabelle and had looked out for Izzy during their senior year which was the fastest way to earn Jo's trust. Alex always thought it was a weird friendship the delinquent Katherine and the nerd Isabelle but it worked. Mostly because Kitty knew at the end of the day Izzy wouldn't bullshit her like all of the other so called friends and keep her out of trouble and Izzy got to live a little on the wild side and hang out with the cool girls.
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Mindy stiffened and arched her back, thrusting her cunt down hard on Eddie's cock, pinning Roy's fingers between them as she howled her way to a mind-blowing climax. Eddie was only seconds behind her.

Joan arched her body to take her son's pistoning tongue as deep as she could get it in her slippery-wet pussy-slit. She twisted her fingers in his hair and pulled on the back of his head, pressing his handsome young face into her hairy hole. Her eyes were tightly closed, shutting out everything but the wild pleasure she was experiencing as her own son tongue-fucked her to climax.

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Beth had brushed Blaze for 20 minutes. Now she was intently untangling his main. Her reverie was disturbed by her Dad's old pickup backing into the small stable with a load of hay from the big barn. As he climbed out of the cab, then onto the bed to unload, Beth looked up over Blaze's back. She started to holler out a greeting, but stopped. A couple years ago Beth would've been at his side in a flash. She adored her Dad; Beth normally spent every minute she could hanging around him when their busy schedules permitted.
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"I don't want you to dry up on Lionel, baby." Bobby said as he started to fuck his sister from behind. As soon as Candie felt her big brothers cock enter her still wet cunt, she started moaning and moving her hips to meet his wild thrusts. She was still kissing Lionel, but it was obvious her thoughts were elsewhere.

"I didn't mean length." He wouldn't say his cock was the longest though still pretty long, if he had to compare it to something he would say he was long and curved like a really large banana but was as thick as a summer squash. Even soft his cock was pretty thick and maybe only grew an inch longer when hard.

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"You can go get a new key." Mom laughed.
She pushed him up and stood up herself, "Come on, let's go take your bath." She said as she pushed him toward the bathroom.
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A week before Christmas, we packed Bobby's car with things we needed for a ten or eleven day holiday. We picked Lionel up and by the time we got his gear in and him too, we were crushed in like sardines in a can.

The boys helped Daddy and Uncle Russ bring in the luggage and food, and mommy and Auntie Pat got supper ready. It was really nice to have someone prepare supper for us.

"Sure daddy", Lindsey said pushing Billy up, telling him to move over. She moved over and gave me room between her and the arm of the couch. I sat down and she leaned against me, Billy laid back down in her lap looking up at us smiling. We watched TV and I told them about the email and the new school he was going to be enrolled in. I explained to him that it was a private school and he would have a uniform to wear and of course, he wanted to know all about it. I told him that we would find out everything when we meet with the headmaster, that I would call him tomorrow to set up an appointment.
"Ahhh, I don't know about that, honey," he said. "I'm still not sure it would be right."

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My mom didn't mind our drinking, if it was in the back yard and no one was going to drive. As we all lived a short distance from each other, that was never an option. Her and I lived alone, dad was a distant memory for both of us and there was never any longing from me to see his shadow move across our doorway. She was Philippa and I was Ian. She worked in middle level downtown corporate, was in her early 40's, just a little shorter than my 5'11", light auburn hair cropped to mid neck, with bright green eyes that dominated her soft and attractive face. About a size 12, she dressed well and smart during the week, relaxed on weekends. She never showed great interest in dating, although there were a few work-oriented outings and receptions where she enjoyed male company. Nothing serious ever developed to my knowledge and most weekend she was around the house or at her gym, which kept her toned. She always happy to see my buddies.
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"Unnnhhhh, yesssss!" Joan hissed, as her younger son rolled her onto her back and scrambled eagerly between her glistening thighs.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to raise and lower my body. I was taking short slow strokes, enjoying the feeling of his cock moving inside me. I sat up straight and leaned back a bit so that more pressure was placed on my clit. Every time I rose or fell down, his cock now rubbed harder on my clit. I was slowly going out of my mind. Every time I moved it seemed like a bolt of electricity shot through me. If I wasn't careful, I'd orgasm before Lionel was ready. I dropped down on his chest again and rested.

"Oh, my God, I'm so wet," she said.

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"He got what he needed, who the hell are you to tell me how to discipline my kid anyway? As far as I'm concerned, he has been kidnapped and is being held against my will. I would bring him back home before I turn it over to the law." He said as he got in my face. I could smell the alcohol on his breath.
"Uhhh! Uuhhhh! UUUUUUHHHH! FUCK! I'm coming so good!" Joan wailed.

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"Well, I didn't bring anything to swim in, Frank didn't tell me about swimming." She said giving me a look.
"Oh, Carol...Carol...Carol. I'm...I'm c-cumming. Shitshitshit! I--I'M CUMMING".

I cooked the steaks and corn while she set the table and poured the drinks. When everything was ready, naturally Billy was sleeping, she woke him up and noticed he had a hard on. She grabbed it and wiggled it, "You have to pee?" she asked smiling, to which he nodded his head. "Ok, you go pee and come and eat, dinners ready".
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I was stroking him faster as we watched her sliding up and down on daddy's pole. Billy was starting to moan softly as I stroked his meat. The video was nearly over, I pointed out to him when the camera zoomed in on his cock as it pulsed spewing the seed that made her, back inside her. I reversed it and played it back slowly telling him to keep an eye on his tube and asshole explaining that he was cumming inside her pussy and each time his asshole winked and his cock jerked he was sending a stream of juice into her hole, we counted together 5 throbs of his cock before he was done squirting and pushed her down on his meat, keeping it deep inside her. I continued the slow motion to show him the creampie as he pulled his hard meat out of her open hole and a river of cum came oozing out to run over her taint and across her asshole. During all this I was stroking him faster and as the cum was oozing from her hole he came with loud grunts and a throbbing piece of hard boy cock. I couldn't have timed it any better.
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She started to stutter and stammer and forget what she was saying and then started to moan. Her moans were getting louder as I continued licking her juicy cunt. I could stick my tongue farther into her pussy than ever before. Her juices were really flowing now, faster and more profusely than I had ever know it to occur. I was sticking my three middle fingers deep into her pussy now while sucking and nibbling on her tender clit.

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"Oh no, it feels good. Mmmm.." She said with a soft moan. "Would you like to help me feel good?"
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She slid into bed and invited him to join me.

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"You like your sister talking dirty don't you." Nicky moaned.
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"Satisfied," she said, moving back to the chair, the beer still in her hand. I sat down in another chair, also holding a beer as we both lounged back, letting the sun's heat begin the slow drying of our clothes.
I could feel his cock starting to shrink so I rolled off him. We lay side by side. My head was on his shoulder and I could see his cock shrinking. He was uncut. Bobby was circumcised, and I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before. I had to get up and watch it as the head disappeared into its protective shield. It reminded me of my clit and its protective shield. I had to laugh. Even on the weekend when I sucked the Lion, I didn't realize it wasn't cut. I guess because when I sucked him it was already hard. I don't know. But I'll tell you I now love the sight of an uncircumcised penis.

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His lubricated cock was easily going in and out and he was enjoying a new hole in his mother. After ten minutes, he ejaculated his last load of the night. They were both tired and needed sleep.

With nothing left to banter, I nodded. But before I did go outside, I slipped into my bedroom and, on some inexplicable impulse, I took off both my shorts and boxers and only put my shorts back on. That my cock was almost free of restraint was both sensual and erotic. I didn't know why I did it but I just did. It may have been the effects of the beer or the sun or maybe I just wanted to feel the unrestrained freedom. After that I went outside to grab the hose and do what she'd asked. I was liberally hosing around the edge of the lemon tree when she came out of the house and, in another surprise, she grabbed one of the remaining bottles of beer out of the ice box. Twisting off the top she settled into one of the chairs and sipped the beer as she watched me.
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I giggled again. "You don't have to worry about that, honey. He really wants you already. In fact when he comes in, I'll bet you anything you want that he will have a raging hard-on. And it will be just for you."

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It had been two hours and was now 10:30 and realized Billy hadn't come to find me so I figured he was watching TV or still playing in his room. I turned the computer off and went into the living room. He wasn't there and the TV was off, I went to his room and found him surrounded by a bunch of cars and transformers asleep on the floor. He looked so cute and innocent laying naked on the floor, he was curled up with one arm behind his knees, his butt was aimed at me, his crinkled little boy pussy exposed and on display. I thought it was so cute I went and got my cellphone and took some pictures making sure to show off his hole. I sent them to Lindsey showing her how "our boy" fell asleep while playing with his cars.
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"At least you will have one last memory of me before I leave at the end of the summer." Nicky said as she grabbed her shirt pulling it on. "I better get back to my room."

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She gave up a turned back to the sink giving me a perfect view of the tight shorts covering her ass. The distinct panty line showed that beneath the shorts was something skimpy. I took in the view, enjoying the tight pink shorts and imagining what was underneath them. I'd never looked at her like that before and it was a strange feeling.
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He gently flicked his tongue over the sensitive nub making her cry, "Oh daddy!"
"Ya," Candie answered. "But it hurt me quite a bit."

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Mom and her fiancé had gone out to dinner to make final plans and pick up their wedding rings. Again, he thought it strange that she had paid for the rings but it was none of his business. Since she would be home within an hour, he decided to dump one more load while admiring the picture of his gorgeous mom. He wondered if people would think that this was some kind of act of incest. In reality, he didn't care. His mom was beautiful, desirable and he wished he could switch places with her fiancé.

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Fate can very, very cruel. Yet sometimes it can be kind. Beth was starting to drool. It made her feel guilty again, but her pussy was moistening as she watched him. The thought "God, I'd like to see him naked!" flashed through her head. At almost that instant, the bale he was lifting to his chest to pitch broke open, causing a cloud of irritating hay bits to spill down his front.
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Sara was feeling good by now and suggested that they check out the hot tub in the bedroom. "I'll change in the bathroom and you can slip into your trucks right here. She dashed into the bathroom while he dug out his trunks and slipped them on. In a few minutes Sara emerged wearing the thong bikini she wore in the picture taken in Mexico. That image had provided him with hours of masturbation pleasure. Now the real woman, his mom, was in front of him. He couldn't stop staring at the perfect c cup breasts approaching him.

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"Don't worry about not knowing what to do. It will come natural to you. And I'll show you. Okay? I know what to do. Bobby told you that we fuck all the time, didn't he?" I asked.

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"It's okay, Lionel. You don't have to feel bad. I guess I'm a bit small and tight for you. That's all. We'll do it in a few minutes and everything should be alright then. Are you okay now?"

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She was bent over at the waist across the kitchen island bench. Her legs were open and spread, forming an upside down "V" with her perfect ass at the top of the "V". Her pink shorts and tiny white panties lay discarded between my legs and next to my own shorts.
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"Of course I would prefer to use the elevator!"

She reached a finger into his crack and pushed her fingertip into his hole wiggling it. "Oh...mommy...ohhh....it feels good...mommyyy...." He was moaning now.
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Sara literally screamed, "Jack, I am having an orgasm!" After it passed Jack kept on thrusting until he was ready to burst.

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But how do I say no if Edie asks me on a date? I think he wants to. Would it mean he wants to get me drunk and have sex with me? I don't want to do that even though I don't really know what it means. But if I say no I'm afraid he'll get mad and won't want to talk to me any more and all the other girls will call me names. I'll never have any friends! I'm so confused.

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Lionel is gone now. But he is not gone from my heart or my mind. He will always have a special corner of my heart all to himself, where he won't have to compete for attention from anyone and where he will always be safe and secure. I know that Sandie and especially Candie also have a corner of their hearts for him. His parents scattered his ashes over the lake where their cottage is, where we all spent his last Christmas. My brothers and sisters and I have given the cottage a new name. We call it 'The Lion's Den'.
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"Take his hands and lean him back all the way, I want to suck his cock." She whispered to me.
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"Uhh...I was just rubbing it cause it got hard in my pants." I told him.
Previously: Bent over a bench in daddy's front yard...
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It was a little cool in the bedroom so we turned the thermostat up and crawled into Sandie's bed and threw a heavy comforter over us. The temperature soon rose as we snuggled into each other with Candie in the middle. Candie was feeling better now after her hot bath. Her cunt wasn't as sore and she could walk better. She said it was still a little tender but not too bad. We made her tell us all over again everything about what she and Lionel did. We got so hot when she told us that all three of us started to finger ourselves and were soon fingering each other.

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Three of my close buddies were around to celebrate my 18th birthday, four days after the actual event. We were hanging in the back yard where a couple of old, heavy trunked trees shaded much of the yard and partly obstructed the back windows of the house from the grassy patch where we were relaxing a few outdoor chairs. A portable ice box was crammed with a case of beer heaped in slowly melting ice. A lemon tree was in the center of the grass, just a little off from where we were seated.

Oh drat! No, not again!" Faith Rowel groaned out loud as she entered the lobby of her family's apartment building and saw the 'out of order' sign on the elevator. She HATED walking up the four flights of stairs to the apartment and it seemed like she'd had to do it a thousand times lately, even though it had actually only been once. And besides, her backpack must weigh a million pounds and she'd already had to haul it half a block from where the chauffeur dropped her off. Ever since she started fifth grade at her new school the stupid teacher made her carry around so many heavy books. And do homework! Plus she had to wear this stupid school uniform, with its scratchy pleated wool skirt and a tie. A tie! It was so unfair! Faith just wanted to get up to the flat, change into comfortable clothes and watch some afternoon television!

Candie was almost dying. Her breath was short and fast and her moans were getting louder. She was holding my head harder and her hips were pressing up to get closer to my tongue. I let go of her lips and now drew the hood of her clit back and exposed her wonderful clit. I think Candie has the biggest clit of all us girls. Even at 11 years of age, it was bigger than mine at 13. And now that I am 19 in real time and she is 17, she still has the most beautiful clit that we have ever seen. She is one of those fortunate girls whose hood is very prominent.

"Maybe in a little while baby, right now I'm just gonna sit here and watch you play." She told him.
He pulled it out of his mouth and then licked and sucked along the bottom of the head and the shaft, "Oh, yesss.....oh...baby that feels so good, keep doing that." I moaned as he worked on my meat. He seemed to know just what to do, as he paid attention to the underside of my cock, he would pop it back into his mouth to suck and lick the head a while. I wasn't real long but for an 9-year-old boy I was and he could only get my large head into his little mouth, but he was sure doing a good job on it. As he pulled me out of his mouth again, he started working the underside and kept going down to my balls. My sack is kind of loose and my balls seem large, Billy licked and sucked each ball into his mouth to pleasure it with his tongue. He kept going from my head to my balls doing a fantastic job. All of a sudden, I felt him going below my balls and felt his tongue on my taint.
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"Mommy," Billy said walking into the living room after clearing the table, "can we go swimming now?"
"Yeah." Jo smiled. Abbey was one of the few that is able to get Jo to try on make up or let her do her hair or anything remotely girly. Of course Abbey was hard to say no to. He always thought she should go into sales. She could sell a jet ski to a desert nomad with those puppy dog eyes of hers.

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She sat on the toilet and spread her legs. She told him to come closer so he could see. When he walked up in front of her, she let her stream go. Billy watched fascinated to see how a woman goes pee. She smiled at him thinking how all men were the same, they were fascinated by a woman's pussy. When done she reached for the toilet paper and tore some off. She rolled it around her fingers and started to wipe herself when she stopped and said "Would you like to wipe the pee off mommy's pussy sweetie?" as she handed him the toilet paper. He took it and put it to her open pussy "Now wipe from the front to the back" she said as he pushed his hand down her pussy to her asshole. He started to do it again and she told him that he could just drop the toilet paper in, that one wipe was good enough. He smiled at her and she praised him for doing such a good job.
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"No, you were laying on the couch and I let you lay on my lap and you turned over to look at my cock and just slipped it into your mouth. I knew it wasn't a blow job kind of thing, I think it was just kind of comfort thing for you right then." She laughed a little, "then Billy came in and he was tired too so I told him to go take a nap in his bed and I would wake him up. I got tired too and decided to lift you up and bring you to bed with me and take a nap myself."
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We walked into the den where Billy was laying on the loveseat. He had one leg up on the back and the other hanging off the cushion, he looked like he was open for business. I walked over and grabbed the remote and scrolled through the videos for a good one. I found one of a husband and wife doing their 11-year-old boy and started it. It was about 35 minutes long and ended with a good creampie that mama sucked out of her boy's hole. We all got comfortable on the loveseat and watched the video, commenting on the action. We rubbed and groped each other, Billy rubbing my cock and sucking Lindsey's tits, I was stroking his little cocklet and her big clit. We were kissing and rolling around having a good time. We watched 2 more videos before we decided we wanted more. I suggested to Billy that he sit on my cock as we watched the next video which he said would be fun.
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Beth heard him mutter; "Oh shit." He simply stood there a few moments. Finally, he closed his eyes, then began to slowly stoke himself. All too soon to suit Beth, he opened his eyes, muttering "Oh hell, what am I going to do with you!" He released his cock; bent over to pick up his cloths, then walked to the nearby hydrant. Beth had almost fainted; when he'd bent over, she'd had a perfect view of his ass. She'd seen his balls and cock hanging between his legs. As he'd walked to the hydrant his erection had waved back and forth while pointing above the horizon.
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I groaned out "Hitting..uh...his....uh....prostate...uh.." as I slammed his ass.
"Nice ass bubba." Nicky said, Alex noticed the picture Jo had taken of him streaking. Luckily it was from behind.
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His cock stretched my cunt to its limit and filled it right up. I enjoyed every second of it. I started riding harder and harder and faster and faster. I knew he was getting ready to explode his life giving seed in me. I had to have it. I had to feel it hitting the back of my cunt and filling me up. I was almost there too. If I worked it right we'd both cum together. His cock seemed to be growing while inside me. I could feel it. I could also feel it throbbing.

"Okay, kid," Eddie sighed, "I guess that's only fair."

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"I don't miss that any. Having to get up and run to the bathroom in the middle of the night." Mom said. Their attention went back to the pictures, his mom and sister teasing him with some of the pictures Jo had taken. When he could he would steal a glimpse down her top, though he noticed Jo doing it as well though she probably had a much better view from the side.

"Probably for the best." Nicky teased. "Her bed is bigger and I take a lot more of my bed now." She said touching her belly. "Plus I don't know if I can promise to keep my hands to myself." She smiled up at him, reminding him of the last time they shared a bed together before she had left home almost two years ago.
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"Nothing serious?" Nicky smiled at her.

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And with those encouraging words, Jack ejaculated. Streams of cum hit Sara's face and breasts. His chest was covered with globs of cum. Sara smiled knowing how much pleasure she had given her son.

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Suddenly he pulled her away from the tree he had her pinned against and guided her toward the woods, "There's a small pool if you follow the stream just a few hundred feet to the left. Go baby girl and play in the pool. Show daddy what a real wood nymph looks like, but always be watchful...the big bad wolf may be about." With that he winked and spanked her chubby bottom to send her on her way.
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"Just think about it before you say yes or no." Nicky smiled.

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"Will you tonight?" he asked hopefully.
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"Yes," he said "What can I do for you?" he seemed cordial enough through the screen door.
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"Yes daddy, but naked outside in the woods? I can't even wear panties?" she blushed.
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"You..you..promise?" he said still crying.
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"Maternity clothes and stuff mom had put away." Nicky smiled.
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